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Justin Jang (Jang Jae Hoon)

Justin has experienced as a golf instructor since 2000 and he was a professional baseball player in South Korea. Justin has couched all level of golfers from the beginner to the professional competitor. Justin's passion and knowledge of the golf are beyond compare. He has participated in PGA Tournaments in Canada.      

Lesson Program

Private Lesson

Group Lesson

Junior Lesson 

PGA PAT Test/CGTF Test Lesson

Dale Langner (Dynamic Impact Instructor)

The golf swing is taught by many in a Style Based Format. In this type of teaching you are matched up to one of the professionals who is close to your size and body shape. From there you are encouraged to copy his swing.


So how does Impact based teaching differ from Style based teaching?


Dynamic impact teaching starts at the green and moves back to the tee. This way you learn the swing from the ground up providing a strong foundation on which to build and enhance your golf swing. It also provides you with the true understanding of how to recreate the most important part of the golf swing the Impact Position!


At the Dynamic Impact School, you will learn the Six Dynamics that will lead you to an understanding of how to make a repeatable golf swing that will remove all those hundreds of swing thoughts that are causing you to tighten up with fear as you try to hit the ball.


But, most importantly the Dynamic Impact School is certain to help you to enjoy and lower your score no matter what level of golfer you are! You will also enjoy my patient and refreshing method of teaching, creating a more comfortable learning environment.

   Program Selection
As a new golfer or beginner with limited experience, we would recommend Group Instruction.
The more experienced golfer would likely be more comfortable with Private Instruction or Coaching.
Juniors(age 6-18) have a wide variety of programs to choose from including Spring Break and Summer Camp.


  Golf Instructional Programs

      Group Instruction

Level One(Series of 4 one hour sessions)
Designed as an introduction to the game of golf covering the basic swing motion, chipping and putting.

Level Two(Series of 4 one hour sessions)
Designed for those more experienced to help improve 
the basic fundamentals of your swing and gain a better understanding of the game.

Parent & Junior Program(4x 45 min, session)
A family oriented approach and opportunity for a parent and child to learn the basic skills of golf, leading the way to play together on the golf course.

Private Instruction and Flexible 
Coaching Programs are also available.



    (age 6-9, 10-12 and 13-18)




          ┃Group Instruction


Level One (Series 4x 45 min, session)
Skill Introduction: Basic strokes and swing motion used in the game of golf and the short game elements of chipping and putting.(Beginner)

Level Two (Series 4x 45 min, session)
The focus is the further development of skills, swing motion, short game, rules, and etiquette, allowing the Junior to get to next level.(Intermediate)

After School Group (Series 4x 45 min, session)
Group sessions designed to cover all aspects of golf from swing motion to rules, etiquette, short game, and playing.

Special Camps
Developmental camps: 2 hours daily over 4 days. Juniors will be divided into age groups and skill levels. Content will depend upon skills and abilities.

Refreshment provided.


Does not included HST and Range Balls

Equipment and Weather Golf clubs will be provided along for each session. If You have own golf equipment, please bring it along Proper footwear (running shoes) is recommended. Lessons are usually unaffected by the weather but please call if you are unsure.


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